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Scale and improve your hiring process by automatically analyzing interviewer scorecards

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How it Works

We analyze your interview data to give your hiring teams recommendations and tools to improve


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Rate applicants across role requirements using scorecards. Use your Applicant Tracking System or our mobile-friendly scorecards

Not using scorecards yet? Easily create personalized interview kits and scorecards


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We crunch the numbers to spot problems, such as misaligned expectations or running too many interviews

Interviewers receive personalized recommendations about what they're doing well and how to improve


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Use our tools to quickly incorporate best practices into your interview process

Interview teams can collaborate on question guides and rubrics. Interview coordinators can structure interview plans at the click of the button

Proven benefits for talent acquisition

Here's what the science has to say about standardizing interviews


2x more predictive.* Reduce bad hires by 5x*


Google saved 40 min. per candidate and cut time to hire by 2-4x.*


Decrease differences between demographic groups*


Increase both candidate and interviewer satisfaction*

Turn-by-Turn Guidance

Like Google Maps on your phone, we don't try to replace your judgement. Instead, we crunch the numbers and show you information and options. You stay in the driver's seat

Get alerts for common problems like unreliable interviewers or running too many interviews. Fix problems fast with recommended actions

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Interview Content Management

Collaborate on interview question guides, rubrics, and handouts. Automatically track question effectiveness

Print interview kits and candidate handouts with a single click — no more wasting time assembling interview kits!

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Make your interview process work for you

Compound knowledge

Stop reinventing the wheel! — collaborate on guides and rubrics in your own private question library

Build any interview

Build any interview, from cultural to case. Your engineers write great technical questions with Markdown and code highlighting

Mix & match

Hate copy-pasting and maintaining interview materials across roles? Seamlessly assemble, print, and share

Interview with confidence

Personalized interview kits and scorecards mean interviewers always know what they're looking for and how to assess it

Interview on the go

View guides and provide feedback from your phone or tablet. No app required

Cut through indecision

See the tradeoffs between candidates summarized in one place. Understand the factors and patterns driving disagreement

Bolster diversity and inclusion

Eliminate the biases and mistakes that undermine your D&I initiatives

Improve rapidly

Advanced analytics automatically analyze your interview questions and interviewers

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