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Community Mission

People are what make teams and businesses great. We believe that every team should be empowered to hire the right people, and that every applicant should be treated with dignity

Today, half of new hires fail. In the process, they can irrevocably damage small businesses. Meanwhile, applicants are commonly subjected to arbitrary hiring processes with little evidence of efficacy

Innovative companies are dedicating teams of I/O psychologists and data scientists to win the war for talent. By working together, we can make sure every team, not just those with limitless budgets, are equipped to hire for success

Question Wiki

Contribute to the world's most comprehensive library of interview questions, guides, and rubrics. Discover and rate your favorites. Click here to preview the top-rated questions from the library

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Interview Kits and Scorecards

Create interview kits using the full power of Interview GPS. Interviewers capture feedback using scorecards in the web app or via Slack

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Strength in Numbers

We crunch the numbers across interviews to determine which questions are most effective for your company's culture and roles

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Frequently Asked Questions

The free community version of Interview GPS has the same functionality as the Growth Plan, except that you cannot create private questions or attributes. However, you can still create unlimited roles, invite unlimited team members, run unlimited interviews, and even use our Slack application!

Non-Profits: if you're a 501(c) non-profit, email us to get a free Growth Plan account

Great question! This is one of the reasons we require people to login to see the guide and rubrics in the community question library. If we determine a user is just using the community to crib answers, we will restrict their access or feed them wrong answers‍ - 🦹 muh hahahaha!

Behavioral questions: answers to effective behavioral questions are difficult to fake without lying. That's why behavioral questions are the gold standard for assessing competencies as opposed to situational/hypothetical questions

Knowledge questions: people who rote memorize answers to knowledge questions are easy to foil by probing past their initial response

Brainteasers: these questions aren't predictive of success — don't ask them

No. We will never give away or sell any information about you or your company. See our Privacy Policy for details. We make money through our paid plans

We love seeing small businesses succeed. Also, we don't want any company to have an excuse for running bad interviews.

More selfishly, having a strong community with great guides and rubrics makes our Growth Plan an incredible deal. Seriously, you should sign up for it right now 💸

Interview GPS was started by Todd Schiller. The idea was borne out of frustration spending hours coming up with interview plans for roles, just to have them fall apart. Also, he may have made an avoidable bad hire or two... or three 🤦‍

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